Hat Progress #1

After sending numerous screencaptures of Ringo’s hat from every possible angle to Sonja at Spur Western Wear, I finally got a recommendation and a first view of what will become my hat. First let me say that Sonja has been absolutely amazing to work with and is very patient with me even though I can sometimes be a bit overbearing and nitpicky. I couldn’t be happier with her commitment to customer service. As anyone who has ever had to deal with hats might know, while the “X” of a hat used to denote the percentage beaver fur, there really is no longer a standard and it is hard to judge quality unless you know the company well. As I am a novice in the cowboy hat arena, I left the decision to Sonja and she chose an 8X (at my request to have an above standard quality hat) custom made hat from Beaver Brand Hats. The particular hat was order with an extra wide, unfinished brim and an unfinished crown so it could be shaped to our desire. The hat looks a bit silly right now as it is unformed, but it is a start. Now that I have had a chance to test fit it, I am sending it back to Spur Western Wear to be shaped!

Beaver Brand Ringo Hat