Preparing for Glory – 300 Spartan Costume

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This is a complete screen used Spartan hoplite warrior costume from the 2006 Warner Brothers’ movie, 300, based on the graphic novel of the same name by Frank Miller. The costume is one of approximately 15 costumes released by Warner Brothers to the public. 10 of the costumes came complete with sword, while the remaining 5 lacked a sword. This costume includes a fiberglass helmet, vaccuformed shield, rubberized vambraces and greaves, wooden spear, rubberized sword, leather briefs and sandals, and of course the iconic red cape.

Please note that the costume is NOT for sale and we are not willing to make replicas from it.

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This is a screen used and screen matched, all fiberglass, Spartan hoplite helmet, with leather lined cheek guards. The hoplite helmet is based on a Corinthian design and modified to match Frank Miller’s stylized helmet . This helmet is labeled “David Leitch #3” indicating it has level 3 battle damage. The helmet can be seen on screen in several places throughout the movie: first, it is seen during the nocturnal attack by the Immortals. The second place the helmet is seen is in a great close-up just before Leonidas kneels before Xerxes during the final battle at the hot gates. Finally, it is seen as Leonidas falls from the final arrow attack. David Leitch is credited as a “Hero Spartan” in the film and is a frequent stunt double for Matt Damon and Brad Pitt He also helps run 87eleven, a stuntman training facility.

300_spartan_helmet_01 300_spartan_helmet_02 300_spartan_helmet_03 300_spartan_helmet_04 300_spartan_helmet_05 300_spartan_helmet_06 300_spartan_helmet_07





This is a screen used and screen matched, vaccuformed plastic, cloth, and leather, Spartan hoplite shield, also known as a hoplon (from which the term “hoplite” originates) or aspis. For its size, 3’ in diameter, the shield is incredibly light weight, yet very durable and well made. As with all the props from 300, it is individually weathered and is covered in stage blood. This shield is labeled “6-eXtra stage 2” indicating it has level 2 battle damage. However, this is misleading as this shield is seen during the final battle of the movie. The shield can be seen just before Stilios’ surprise attack after Leonidas kneels before Xerxes as well as in the final scene when the Spartan’s arrow-riddled bodies are shown. It can also be seen in promotional stills for the movie and behind the scenes footage.

300_spartan_shield_01 300_spartan_shield_02