Catching Up

Here I am, just starting and already I am behind. I have been actively researching Johnny Ringo’s costume from the 1993 movie “Tombstone” for almost 2 months now, although I have had an interest in replicating the costumes from this movie since it came out. Shortly after the film’s release I bought a shoulder holster, and crossdraw holster as well as a pair of Ruger Old Model Vaquero’s, with the intension of replicating Doc’s Holiday’s costume, but I never pursued it further. However, having recently moved to Arizona and having visited the town of Tombstone for the first time, my interest has been reignited.

My interest has shifted slightly from Doc Holliday to Johnny Ringo for a number of reasons. First, playing a “bad guy” is just more fun. Second, it would seem everyone and their brother seems to want to be Doc Holliday since Val Kilmer’s performance stole every scene he was in. Finally, while Doc comes across more witty and clever, there appears to be something deeper and more intriguing in Michael Biehn’s character… something that makes me feel that John Holliday and John Ringo aren’t very different men, but fell into different circumstances. While Doc revels in his “bad boy” antics, Ringo appears to be one who has fallen from grace and found himself forced to consort with people who are socially and intellectually beneath him. While Ringo appears unremorseful, I can’t help but feel a bit of pity for him and see him as a sympathetic character, ending up on the wrong side only through the toss of the dice.

As I said, I am already behind as I have found out much in the past two months and will post it as soon as I can get it somewhat organized.


4 comments on “Catching Up
  1. robin says:

    I have been trying to find a pattern for the shirt val kilmer wears to the gunfight at ok corral. it is a blue/grey color with a fine stripe. any info on material or a pattern would be very helpfull

  2. Joseph Porro says:

    Go to and you will see original drawings from the movie including ringo’s shirt pattern. As I said in other blogs most of these western clothing makers had nothing to do with this movie. I did purchase some pants from Wamaker for lesser characters. But they had nothing to do with the looks of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and the Earp Brothers. I had all their clothes custom made.

    • Art says:

      Jospeh, thanks for the information and the link! I absolutely love seeing some of the original concept artwork! While I am not much into the female costumes, the concept artwork for the female dresses are just beautiful! Again, thanks for all of your corrections and updates! There is nothing we like more than getting accurate information and what better place to get it than directly from the source!!!

  3. jeremy stone says:

    im a big fan of doc holliday in tombstone and i would like to find his entire costume if anyone has any idea to were i can find anything like that please email me i would appreciate it thanks