Year: 2008

Ultimate Johnny Ringo Rig

For me it just doesn’t get much better than this. Last fall I was SO excited to get in direct contact with Peter Sherayko and had the opportunity to purchase one of his replica Johnny Ringo rigs. However, I was

David Carrico’s involvement with Jesse James

I had the opportunity to talk with David Carrico today, owner of Carrico’s Leatherworks.  David was the coproducer of the gun rigs for The Assassination of Jesse James.  I conducted a brief and very informal interview with David regarding his

Johnny Ringo Stampede Strings

While my hat from Tom Hirt was almost perfect (and should be as he created the originals) the one area that was slightly lacking was the stampede strings.  Tom doesn’t make those himself, but buys them from another company.  The

Tom Hirt Ringo Hat has Arrived!

HURRAY!!!! Anyone who has been following this blog knows that I had a custom Ringo hat made by Spur Western Wear. While SWW did an amazing job replicating the hat, during the process I found out that Tom Hirt created

Here be DRAGONS!

Today, a wonderful and unexpected surprise fell into my lap! Island Girl wrote me out of the blue and sent me two AMAZING images, one which clearly shows the dragon on Ringo’s shirt! For me this is VERY exciting because

Ringo Clothing Myths

Having just come back from Wyatt Earp Days in Tombstone Arizona, I am confounded by a few myths that popped up repeatedly regarding Ringo’s costume.  I am going to tackle two of them here.  I won’t say much as pictures

Johnny Ringo Rig from Caravan West

Here is another article where I am going to be catching up on some events that happened almost 6 months ago that I have failed to get written for one reason or another…. Last fall I made a trip to

Charlie Prince Hat Available at Baron Hats

Baron Hats, who made the hats for 3:10 to Yuma now have a copy of Charlie Prince’s hat available for purchase. They are calling it “The Trigger man” and their prices are as follows: $510 for a 100% Western Weight

Will Ghormley’s Jesse James and Charlie Prince Rigs

I had forgotten to add that a little while back I found Will Ghormley’s website and discovered he made both Jesse James’ and Charlie Prince’s rigs for the movie The Assassination of Jesse James and 3:10 to Yuma. The content

Island Girl Clothes #2

Well, I indeed was able to get in touch with Lhanie, aka Island Girl. Unfortunately Lhanie didn’t have a tremendous amount of information, but she was more than willing to share what info she did have. Below are select quotes