Hits and Misses… mostly misses…

Yesterday I received a tip that Stewarts Custom Boots from Tucson, AZ was responsible for making the boots used in Tombstone. I gave them a call and talked to Vic. What an incredibly nice guy! Vic was very willing to take the time to talk with me but sadly he confirmed that they didn’t make boots for Tombstone. He said he believes some of the boots he made might have been reused in Tombstone, but he didn’t directly make any for the movie. However, he informed me that the boots for Tombstone were rented out by Kings Western Wear in Studio City, CA. A friend followed up, only to find that Kings Western Wear had closed its doors in Dec…. ARGH! Just a few months too late! And now there is no telling where their inventory was sold…

Getting back to Vic and Stewarts Custom Boots, I found that they were responsible for making the boots for Unforgiven and Dances with Wolves. Vic was very nice and very knowledgeable. Even though he didn’t make the boots for Tombstone, I talked to him about Ringo’s boots. We discussed the details at length and due to his knowledge and interest I might just have my boots made through him!

Stewarts Custom Boots
30 W. 28th Street
S. Tucson, AZ 85713

2 comments on “Hits and Misses… mostly misses…
  1. Joseph Porro says:

    No one in Arizona had anything to do with the boots on Tombstone. JR made them. He is now deceased. Another Liar!!!

    • Art says:

      Joseph, I am not familiar with ‘JR’ but want to make sure correct info is available on this site and would be glad to correct the information posted. Could you share more info with us on who ‘JR’ was and if he was part of a larger boot company? Thanks!