Hat Progress #2

Johnny Ringo Hat CompareMy first hat came in yesterday from Spur Western Wear! Overall I am very impressed! For only having pics to work with, they were able to capture the essence of Ringo’s look! As always, Sonja has been nothing but a pleasure to work with! I am a bit concerned about a couple of areas including the placement of the bend on the brim. I will have to look, but I feel it should be slightly more to the front and a little less to the wearer’s right side. I feel like the way it currently is bent, makes it look like something from a swashbuckling pirate movie. Also, I think the crown might be just a bit too tall. I talked to Sonja and she pretty much agreed! I plan to take the hat with me to Wyatt Earp Days on Memorial Day Weekend and will have Sonja and her husband make the final corrections then!

One comment on “Hat Progress #2
  1. tom aka mrbungle says:

    that looks really good. is that you, art. you look like ringo!! i really wish you had a doc holliday section on this site.