Charlie Prince Hat Available at Baron Hats

Charlie Prince Hat from baron Hats

Baron Hats, who made the hats for 3:10 to Yuma now have a copy of Charlie Prince’s hat available for purchase. They are calling it “The Trigger man” and their prices are as follows:
$510 for a 100% Western Weight Fur Felt

$898 for 200XXX 100% Beaver

$99 for aging (to make hat look as it does in the movie.

As I stated before their prices seem very high to me considering Tom Hirt (maker of a number of the hats used in Tombstone) created a Ringo Hat (which in my opinion is a more complex hat) for $430. Still, if you want it from the original makers these are the guys to get it from.

You can purchase their hat from the following link: Baron Hats’ “Trigger Man” Hat

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