Johnny Ringo Rig from Caravan West

Here is another article where I am going to be catching up on some events that happened almost 6 months ago that I have failed to get written for one reason or another….

Last fall I made a trip to Tombstone, AZ is mention in my Dec 15, 2007 blog entry. There I met Geno D’Amberose who introduced me to introduced me to Peter Sherayko‘s book Tombstone: The Guns and Gear. This book has been out of print for quite some time but I began calling around to various places that had the book listed on the internet. One of the places I called was Caravan West Productions. A man answered and I asked if they had a copy of the book. He said they did not but asked me if he could help me himself as he wrote the book. This is how I was introduced to Peter Sherayko, the man who worked along side Thell Reed to give Tombstone its authentic look and feel. Pete also played the role of Texas Jack Vermillion in Tombstone.

Pete and I talked for hours over the course of several phone conversations. He is very passionate about western history and also shared a great deal of info about Hollywood and how movies are made. He also gave me the lead that got me started searching for Island Girl who made the shirts for Tombstone. When I revealed to Pete that I was working on recreating a Johnny Ringo costume and asked if he could help in any way, he said he could indeed, and that he had several replicas of Ringo’s rig in hand. As I was a little star struck and very excited I purchased one right away for the price of $275… not bad at all, considering it came from the original source and considering I have paid a considerable amount more for rigs since then. Here is the rig I received:

Johnny Ringo Replica Rig by Caravan West Productions

Unfortunately, when the rig arrived I was very disappointed to see that though it did resemble Ringo’s rig from the movie, it was certainly not a match. Considering it had come from the original source I was a bit shocked. The holster was relatively close, but the belt was not. I called Pete back and he explained that Robb Gang, the original creator of Ringo’s belt was no longer in the business and he now had other skilled leathersmiths who made his rigs. I explained my issues with the belt and Pete assure me we could get them straightened out. Unfortunately, after that, he hasn’t returned my calls. It is disappointing to see someone do that, but what can you do? Sadly, I am selling this belt off because it is simply not what I am looking for and will have Will Ghormley recreate a Ringo rig for me. I hate to stray from the original source of the belt but with Will’s talent and dedication, I am fully convinced that he will be able to provide me with a belt that I will be truly proud to wear as an accurate representation of the original belt worn by Michael Biehn. I will of course post pics and comparisons when I get my rig from Will.

Below is a picture of the original belt made by Robb Gang and seen in Tombstone compared to the replica belt I received from Caravan West.

Johnny Ringo Rig Comparisons

6 comments on “Johnny Ringo Rig from Caravan West
  1. Bruce G. Thompson says:

    I was/am very taken with Michael Biehn’s portrayal of Johnny Ringo in Tombstone! I am a Cowboy Actoin Shooter and very much want to obttain a copy of Johnny’s jacket as seen in the movie. As I see it, Tombstone is one of the top ten western movies of all time! There were a few historical flaws, but who cares?
    “Cold Comfort” aka Bruce G.Thompson, Port Angeles, WA

  2. Dennis Seymour says:

    I talked to Peter Sherayko and also ordered one of his Ringo rigs about two years ago.My rig looked worse then yours. I was very dissapointed, I thought I was getting a rig like Will Ghromley now offers. I did not contact Peter about this although I Knew it would not be long before a customer would. I wonder if Will has patterns for sale for this rig?

  3. Steve says:

    This isn’t even close, take a look at the Johnny Ringo I produced. We made bespoke clothing and Gun Leather. Will Ghormley does some really nice work. Big fan of the movie Tombstone.


  4. marvin rushing says:

    i just ordered a pattern for the johnny ringo rig from will gromley. I have been making western rigs for about three years now and have worked with several of wills patterns including the hand of god from three ten to yuma. I have started designing some of my own rigs. I sell alot of my rigs at the gun shows in illinois. I am seventy years old and wish i had started this thirty years ago. I am self taught and take great pride in my work.

    • Art says:

      Marvin, that is awesome! We really worked hard with Will on getting his belt right and he did an amazing job! I think you will be very pleased with the pattern he is offering on this. In regard to starting a new hobby later in life, it is an inspiration to me to see it! I’d love to see some of your work!

  5. Otis says:

    Where do I find a Johnny ringo jacket ?