Here be DRAGONS!

Today, a wonderful and unexpected surprise fell into my lap! Island Girl wrote me out of the blue and sent me two AMAZING images, one which clearly shows the dragon on Ringo’s shirt! For me this is VERY exciting because there are no clear shots of the dragon in the movie! It is funny that I recently pointed out that most people who have replicated the dragon have done so incorrectly, as the images from Island Girl completely verify this.

Island Girl also provided the following info: “Ringo’s shirt is made of cotton, medium weight in bluish grey, not denim. Most of the shirts are made of flannel and calico except Ringo’s.

I believe the first image to be a prototype shirt as there are subtle differences between it and the final shirt seen in the film. However, it is a great reference and place to start!

Note that on the final shirt, the eyes, flames, spine scales, and tail are an orange yellow, while the main body is red.

A enormously huge thanks goes out to Lhanie, aka Island Girl, for making these images available! I hope to make a template of the dragon and will make it available here once it is complete.

Johnny Ringo Shirt made available by Island Girl

Behind the scenes photo of Johnny Ringo made available by Island Girl

2 comments on “Here be DRAGONS!
  1. Mark says:

    do you know where I can get an accurate sash like the one biehn is wearing in the above picture?

  2. Paul says:

    Where can I get this shirt or one that at least comes close?