Johnny Ringo Stampede Strings

While my hat from Tom Hirt was almost perfect (and should be as he created the originals) the one area that was slightly lacking was the stampede strings.  Tom doesn’t make those himself, but buys them from another company.  The strings I received on my hat were similar but not the same to what Ringo is seen wearing in the movie.  The key elements to the strings seen in the movie is that they are black braided leather (a thick weave) with two small keepers (the part that hold the two strings together) and two blond horse hair tassels that are attached to the braided leather by a black ball with a white stripe.  Ringo’s original strings are quite long, approx 24 inches visit the website.  I won’t go over the details of the strings I received with my hat from tom Hirt, and only will note, unlike the rest of the hat, which was a great match, the strings didn’t match.

It took a bit of searching but I finally found exactly what I was looking for: M&F Western Products Braided Leather Stampede Strings.  The color to purchase is Black (they come with the blond tassels).  Only a few outlets sell them.  I bought mine from Trixie’s Western Outfitters.  The staff was very nice, shipping was fast and the total cost was very reasonable.  Getting these strings in really do finish my hat off perfectly and I would highly recommend them as I believe they are the exact style of string seen in the movie.

Stampede Strings from Trixie’s Western Outfitters

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  1. Tony Jimenez says:

    Do you have any suggestions of another webstie to find these stampede strings?