Tom Hirt Ringo Hat has Arrived!

Tom Hirt Ringo Hat

HURRAY!!!! Anyone who has been following this blog knows that I had a custom Ringo hat made by Spur Western Wear. While SWW did an amazing job replicating the hat, during the process I found out that Tom Hirt created the originals. I contacted Tom in Feb and arranged to purchase a hat. The cost was $430 shipped, quite a bit more than I paid for my hat from SWW but when the hat finally arrived, it was worth every penny. I can’t fully articulate the difference between the two hats except to say the SWW hat looked great but was never quite comfortable while the hat from Tom Hirt came out of the box extremely comfortable and when you look at it you just have to say to yourself “that is it.” I have to say that getting the hat took a bit more time than expected and sometimes Tom was a bit difficult to get in touch with, but he was extremely kind and more than willing to share stories and information about the hats and some of his time on set.

According to Tom there were 5 hats made for Ringo. If you look carefully throughout the movie you can see subtle variations in the lopsided aspects of the crown as well as fairly obvious variations in the brim curl.
Tom explained that it is difficult to perfectly match such things and even on my replica hat you can see some differences but they are pretty subtle.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased. The hat from Tom will be my final Ringo hat as it is just amazingly comfortable, fits well, and has just the right look to it. If you would like your own hat from Tom, you can visit his website:

3 comments on “Tom Hirt Ringo Hat has Arrived!
  1. tom hirt says:

    thanks for the nice review. I have spent over two years caring for my ederly parents. Since they have passed away my response time should be faster now . However many thanks . TOM HIRT

  2. Darrel Lee says:

    Truly a work of art.

  3. Browny Hancock says:

    Great Hat ! How much does it cost ?