Ultimate Johnny Ringo Rig

For me it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Last fall I was SO excited to get in direct contact with Peter Sherayko and had the opportunity to purchase one of his replica Johnny Ringo rigs. However, I was really disappointed when it arrived as it simply wasn’t what I wanted. It looked like the rig Ringo wears but there were a lot of easily identifiable differences. Being as picky as I am, I was unsatisfied and after expressing my dissatisfaction to Peter, he stopped taking my calls.
Well, today I have something new to report! After working very closely with Will Ghormley, I now have an all new Johnny Ringo rig that I am absolutely THRILLED with! Thanks to Dave Livingston’s help we were able to get some really good detail shots of the original and Will was willing to put every single detail into the rig that I wanted, even the screwups and errors.

I am sure others will copy this now that Will and I are making high res photos available, but let it be known here that Will did it first and Will did it right. If you are interested in getting one of the amazing rigs from Will, just go to Will Ghormley Maker.

5 comments on “Ultimate Johnny Ringo Rig
  1. eric rogers says:


    Do you have an address or number for Will? I own one of the original Ben Wade 3:10 rigs and I want to have him make another rig for me. His web page is evidently down. Thanks for the help.


  2. mr capone says:

    I never ever post but this time I will,Thanks alot for the great blog.

  3. Mr Ghormley has just releasd the Ringo pattern, I gott one 🙂 And his H.O.G pattern, it´s verry fine patterns..

    //Boothill Bob

  4. Doug Yaiser says:

    Hi, I just ran into this site about you putting together a Johnny Ringo Outfit, Hows it coming? I think I know who made the Boots for the Principal Actors in the Tombstone Movie. I had a pair of Boots that Doc Holliday wore made up for me at around $450.