Donnie Darko – Frank the Rabbit Mask

Frank Final Prototype


Summary:  This is the only known replica of Frank the Rabbit (or Frank the Bunny)’s mask with direct lineage to the original mold to be made publicly available.  It has been painstakingly researched and replicated to match the original mask as closely as possible (with a few minor tells to ensure it is not passed off as a screen used mask).  

Source:  This mask was cast directly from what is claimed to be an original mold, used in the film, Donnie Darko.  Based on comparisons to screen used masks from the film, ALL of the sculpting details, right down to numerous airbubbles match up precisely.  This is not a copy of a copy or a copy of a cleaned up master, but a direct copy, straight from the mold.

Materials and construction – mask:  This mask was cast in a dense urethane rubber, like the originals.  The urethane rubber for this mask was tinted grey, unlike the originals, to differentiate it from the known screen-used masks.  This is not visible on the exterior of the mask.  The silver primary color of the mask is fused into the surface of the mask as well as a white base coat for the eyes and teeth and a black base coat for the inner mouth.  The eyes and teeth have had an additional paint application as well as a gloss coat to replicate the look of the screen used mask.  The inner mouth and inner ears have also had an additional coat of paint applied.  The eye slots and mouth slot of the mask have been removed.

Materials and construction – hood:  The hood is made of grey/black/white faux fur with a black base.  Its pattern has been created to replicate that of the original mask, including a split up the back of the neck and a wide  skirt which tucks under the costume in the movie.  The fur has been lightly distressed.

Display:  While not pictured, this replica includes an acrylic stand with a foam head and a metal dual-signature plaque that has been signed by the actor who played Frank; James Duval as well as the original sculptor of the Frank Mask; Rob Burman.

Usability:  This is a wearable mask.  Although it is meant to be a collectible display item, it is fully functional, incredibly durable and fully capable of enduring the wear and tear of costuming.

Final Notes:  These masks have been hand crafted, just as the originals.  This means the seam lines vary slightly from casting to casting, as well as minor air bubbles   These same imperfections and small variations are seen between the original masks.  There are also some major air bubbles in the bottom of the teeth as well as voids in the mold which create “pimples” or positives in the mouth area.  These are not imperfections unique to each casting, but are details present in the mold and in all of the original masks which were maintained in these replicas for the sake of accuracy.


Frank the Rabbit Mask 01 Frank the Rabbit Mask 02 Frank the Rabbit Mask 03 Frank the Rabbit Mask 04

Frank the Rabbit Mask 05 Frank the Rabbit Mask 06 Frank the Rabbit Mask 07 Frank the Rabbit Mask 08

One comment on “Donnie Darko – Frank the Rabbit Mask
  1. Edward306 says:

    I would love my own Frank costume, especially one that looked this good. The one I’ve seen in costume shops just looks flat and cheap.
    I remember seeing one on ebay not so long ago that looked amazing.
    Wish I had bid higher for it.