Author: Art Andrews

Donnie Darko – Frank the Rabbit Mask

  Summary:  This is the only known replica of Frank the Rabbit (or Frank the Bunny)’s mask with direct lineage to the original mold to be made publicly available.  It has been painstakingly researched and replicated to match the original

Jim Beam – Devil’s Cut 90 Proof Bourbon Review

According to Jim Beam, Devil’s Cut is “A distincly bold bourbon with rich flavor unleashed from deep inside the barrel wood.” I am no bourbon aficionado but I do prefer a good bourbon to just about any other drink and

Adrian Brody – Royce Costume from Predators – Shemagh Modification

Rothco Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf (Product #: 8537) in Tan This is a detailed explanation of the modification necessary to create Royce’s shemagh from Predators. Start with a Rothco  Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf (Product #: 8537) in Tan.  Right away, let me say that

Web Operations Management for your Movie Prop Sites

For over a decade I have owned and operated a small but very successful vBulletin based forum called The Dented Helmet which focuses on helping Star Wars fans build their own Boba Fett Costume. In Nov of 2009 I was

Relaunching… again…

This is the third or fourth time I have started over with a blog.  It is a tough thing for me because I am spread thin already and am not sure if I have anything worthy to say that can’t

Charlie Prince Jacket Buttons from 3:10 to Yuma

This is a pretty small update but I thought it was worth noting as I haven’t seen anyone else positively ID the buttons on Charlie Prince’s jacket. While I am not 100% sure of the size, the button on Charlie’s

Tombstone now available on Bluray!

Hello reader!  It has been quite some time since I have updated this site… what can I say?  Life is busy.  With that in mind, you should know that Tombstone is FINALLY out on Blu-ray and while I am a

Ultimate Johnny Ringo Rig

For me it just doesn’t get much better than this. Last fall I was SO excited to get in direct contact with Peter Sherayko and had the opportunity to purchase one of his replica Johnny Ringo rigs. However, I was

David Carrico’s involvement with Jesse James

I had the opportunity to talk with David Carrico today, owner of Carrico’s Leatherworks.  David was the coproducer of the gun rigs for The Assassination of Jesse James.  I conducted a brief and very informal interview with David regarding his

Johnny Ringo Stampede Strings

While my hat from Tom Hirt was almost perfect (and should be as he created the originals) the one area that was slightly lacking was the stampede strings.  Tom doesn’t make those himself, but buys them from another company.  The